Bookcase Changelog

Update Version 1.56 December 11th, 2015

  1. Fixed deprecated widget code
  2. Added sidebar id
  3. Fixed title tag for WordPress 4.4 update
Changed Files

Update Version 1.55 June 26th, 2015

  1. PrettyPhoto XSS Fix
  2. Fixed strict standards error in portfolio walker.
Changed Files

Update Version 1.54 March 18, 2013

  1. Removed Twitter Widget due to deprecated Twitter API
  2. Updated Documentation.
Changed Files

Update Version 1.53 January 7, 2013

  1. Re-coded jQuery to no-conflict mode.
  2. Updated jQuery to latest version.
  3. Updated prettyPhoto plugin to latest version.

Update Version 1.51.1 October 11, 2012

  1. Fixed deprecated twitter function as of Oct 11, 2012.

Update Version 1.51

  1. Fixed "cheatin' huh?" error when uploading slides in Wordpress 3.4+

Update Version 1.5

  1. Added optional pagination function to Homepage and Skills pages.

Update Version 1.4 August 20, 2012

  1. Added an option for a fixed, static footer.
  2. Added Non-Google System fonts to font options.
  3. Project's Skill lists now link to skill pages.
  4. Skills comma glitch fixed.
  5. Removed unnecessary field from contact widget in backend.
  6. Skill css is now called before main style.css to remedy child theme css issues.

Update Version 1.3

  1. Increased child theme support
  2. Theme is now more tolerant if images aren't the correct size: property of non-object error fixed.
  3. Removed CSS3 transition causing animation repeat on page load.
  4. Fixed Options panel typos.
  5. Minor javascript optimization.

Update Version 1.2

  1. Now has the ability to create portfolio pages for specific categories.
  2. iPad/iPhone Support and Fixes.
  3. Fixed bug that wasn't showing portfolio images for some users.
  4. iPad bug fixes

Update Version 1.1

  1. Now Translation-Ready! .po/.mo files inlcuded
  2. Fullpage title bug fixed.
  3. Image scaling issue fixed that was squishing images for some users in the project slideshows.